Cristal’s guide to getting a degree in psychology.

Have you ever entertained the thought, “OH, I SHOULD GET A DEGREE IN PSYCHOLOGY”?  Psychology is one of the fastest growing college majors, yet some fail to see how much skill, tenacity, and patience it takes to really make your psyc degree count. It may seem easy in the beginning: Step 1:  Get your bachelorsContinue reading “Cristal’s guide to getting a degree in psychology.”

What being unemployed has taught me

In April of this year the company I worked for tried to defend their contract with El Paso Juvenile probation with no success.  Everyone agreed to disagree, and the JPD decided to cut the funding for our program.  We showed an 83% success rate while their numbers showed something else.  Apparently it was not aContinue reading “What being unemployed has taught me”

Isn’t MY job important too?

Dear Capitalist America, I have a Master’s degree in counseling.  How I got here is a long story.  I graduated from high school an “average” student and proceeded to attend the University of Texas at El Paso.  I received a BA in Psychology, with honors.  I completed a senior honor’s thesis and had a GPAContinue reading “Isn’t MY job important too?”

How to wake up early for a workout

“The early bird catches the worm”, they say. Screw the worm, and screw that damn overly anal perfectionist bird! I’m a human for Pete’s sake! So, if like me, you have an inkling, an unnatural calling, or just need to get your fat butt to the gym and you need to go in the morningContinue reading “How to wake up early for a workout”

My Favorite Restaurants in El Paso

El Paso is full of AMAZING places to eat!  I’m surprised that I don’t weigh 8,000 lbs.  El Paso is one of the fattest cities in the country, sadly.  It’s funny, here I am, a fitness connoisseur talking about restaurants.  You know why I have that right?  One, it’s a free country and two, IContinue reading “My Favorite Restaurants in El Paso”