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Pros and Cons: My Non-Profit Life

So, I can’t really tell you exactly where I work…it would be a conflict of interest.  However, I can tell you that I work at a local non-profit mental health clinic in the Borderland of El Paso, Texas. For those of you therapists or clinicians who are reading this blog, I hope that you haveContinue reading “Pros and Cons: My Non-Profit Life”

How to tell a person they need professional help. In this short episode, or “mini-sode” as I like to call it, I give a few tips on how to gently confront a person about going to see a therapist. It’s easier said than done…but what is worse…feeling a bit embarrased about bringing it up? OR…Never saying anything about it but regret it later?Continue reading “How to tell a person they need professional help.”

SUICIDE INFO-Assessment, stats, and how to find help. Episode 23 Suicide is a tough subject. Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade….these are the two most recent high-profile suicides to impact our society.  In this episode, I broach the subject of suicide assessment.  As a therapist, this is a part of my day-to-day practice (sadly).  Here, I give insight on what a therapist might assess for. IfContinue reading “SUICIDE INFO-Assessment, stats, and how to find help. Episode 23”