Latinx Therapist Lessons The interesting thing about being one of the 10% Latinx therapists in the U.S. is all of the UNLEARNING we had to do.  Luis Cornejo, LMFT and I talk about our “Lessons Learned” as therapists. (5.5% of therapists are fully bilingual BTW according to the APA.) Here’s some data about the gap that existsContinue reading “Latinx Therapist Lessons”

Highly Sensitive Therapists What is a highly sensitive therapist? Well, firstly what is a highly sensitive person?  Are we empaths? Introverts? Do we have special powers?     In this interview with April Snow, LMFT, we have a candid and informative convo about what it’s like inside of a HST (Highly Sensitive Therapist’s) brain. Yep, it’s different inContinue reading “Highly Sensitive Therapists”