Trailer Through the Eyes of a Therapist Podcast was founded January 2018 by a Chicana counselor named Cristal Martinez Acosta. One day, she noticed her perception of commonplace events, people, and things was different from that of her non-therapist friends.  This is when she decided to start recording her thoughts….and voila! The podcast was born!Continue reading “Trailer”

The Intersection of Politics and Mental Health feat. Veronica Carbajal The personal is political and the political is personal.  Mental health is both personal and political! It’s about viewing the person as a whole within a larger system.  My guest today really, really gets this. Lawyer and mayoral candidate, Veronica Carbajal, is a guest on today’s episode to talk about her views on politicsContinue reading “The Intersection of Politics and Mental Health feat. Veronica Carbajal”

Counseling Amidst Covid-19 Hello, everyone!  Today we discuss what it’s like to be a therapist in the times of the Coronavirus epidemic.  Myself and two other therapists located in El Paso, Texas talk about: what it’s like to run a small business/private practice during a pandemic, how to prepare yourself as a therapist to see clients viaContinue reading “Counseling Amidst Covid-19”

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Therapists Discuss Sex Education Hello again, everyone!  Jen Reeves, LMFT-S, CST is back on the podcast giving us her expert opinion on the Netflix show “Sex Education”.  We discuss the characters from the show and talk about boundaries, teen development, and sex therapy in pop culture. SPOILERS AHEAD! Takeaways from the episode: Sex education should start at anContinue reading “Therapists Discuss Sex Education”

Celebrity Mental Health- The Britney Story Hello again and welcome back to season three of Through the Eyes of a Therapist podcast!  If you are a millennial, or if you were paying attention to life in the early 2000s, you may remember the iconic pop princess, Britney Spears!  She has had an eventful life in the public eye…and what betterContinue reading “Celebrity Mental Health- The Britney Story”

Therapists Discuss 13 Reasons Season One In this episode, two licensed professional counselors discuss the popular and controversial show “13 Reasons Why”.  Andrea Rios, LPC and Cristal Acosta, LPC-S, NCC dissect and dialogue about the implications the show can have on their clients.  After a lunchroom discussion, the two therapists decided to record their opinions and perspectives for the podcast.Continue reading “Therapists Discuss 13 Reasons Season One”

Harry Potter and the Two Therapists Welcome back to Through the Eyes of a Therapist Podcast!  This season is all about pop-culture and the unique view of shows, books, and movies through a therapist’s point of view!   In this episode we have returning guest/co-host, Elisa D.  She is an LMSW who specializes in childhood trauma and works with victims ofContinue reading “Harry Potter and the Two Therapists”

5 “Not So Good Reasons” to Become a Therapist

The piece below was written by me for publication on Psychosocial Media. To see the original post, click here: As a board approved supervisor in Texas, I keep an eye out for talented, developing professional counselors.  I interview them, mentor them, supervise their work, and eventually help them get their clinical license to practiceContinue reading “5 “Not So Good Reasons” to Become a Therapist”

BECOMING AN EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGIST- feat. Clarissa Arms-Chavez, Ph.D. If you want to be a psychologist but are considering a non-clinical route, this is a great episode to listen to. Social Psychology, just like clinical or counseling psychology, is only one of the many niches in the psychology world.  This area of psych explores why people do what they do, why we thinkContinue reading “BECOMING AN EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGIST- feat. Clarissa Arms-Chavez, Ph.D.”