Trauma Responses How do you respond in highly stressful situations? Are you a fighter? How about a runner? A freezer? Is the person you’re dealing with such a threat that you need to keep them happy or stay in their good graces with the “fawning” response? In this episode I talk about the four main survivalContinue reading “Trauma Responses”

Counselor Mess-Ups In this episode, Dr. Kate Walker, counselor educator, and myself discuss what it’s like to mess up! It’s ok because everyone makes mistakes and nobody is perfect! Especially therapists! We are absolutely not perfect and have our own baggage; BUT we are held to a high standard of care (laws and ethics) that requiresContinue reading “Counselor Mess-Ups”

Babies and Boundaries Did you know there are several types of boundaries? Sexual, physical, emotional, financial, and more! In this episode psychiatrist Dr. Gaiathry Jeyarajan, author of children’s book “Ella’s Choice” talks about how to teach babies and kids about consent and boundaries. Teaching our littles about how to say “no” and how to give “permission” startsContinue reading “Babies and Boundaries”

Latinx Therapist Lessons The interesting thing about being one of the 10% Latinx therapists in the U.S. is all of the UNLEARNING we had to do.  Luis Cornejo, LMFT and I talk about our “Lessons Learned” as therapists. (5.5% of therapists are fully bilingual BTW according to the APA.) Here’s some data about the gap that existsContinue reading “Latinx Therapist Lessons”

Highly Sensitive Therapists What is a highly sensitive therapist? Well, firstly what is a highly sensitive person?  Are we empaths? Introverts? Do we have special powers?     In this interview with April Snow, LMFT, we have a candid and informative convo about what it’s like inside of a HST (Highly Sensitive Therapist’s) brain. Yep, it’s different inContinue reading “Highly Sensitive Therapists”

Trauma Focused or Trauma Informed? Can you tell the difference if a therapist is truly providing trauma-informed services or if they are merely providing trauma-focused care?  In this episode, I explain the difference between the two concepts.  I also provide a list of questions to ask providers to ensure they are actually “trauma-informed”. Mentioned in the episode:  Continue reading “Trauma Focused or Trauma Informed?”

Horror Stories and the Parallels To Therapy In this episode my guest, Marilyn Corbin-Burdick, Licensed Professional Counselor, and I discuss how horror films and stories are much like the therapeutic process.  We talk about folklore–stories passed down from previous generations, and why they are important to consider when thinking about dealing with our own traumas and mental illness.  We also discussContinue reading “Horror Stories and the Parallels To Therapy”

Motherhood Is Wild In this episode, Cristal Acosta, Licensed Professional Counselor, speaks with some of her colleagues who also happen to be a part of the new-mom club.     In the first segment, Bianca Balderrama, LPC, talks about her experience giving birth in the middle of the pandemic, perinatal and post-partum anxiety/depression, as well as the griefContinue reading “Motherhood Is Wild”

What A Decade This Year Has Been Today, Cristal Acosta, LPC-S, NCC, speaks with Elisa D, LCSW about what the hell even happened to all of us in 2020 and 2021.  The series of unfortunate events that occurred over the last two years has taken a toll on not only our clients, but on therapists everywhere! We discuss what two therapistsContinue reading “What A Decade This Year Has Been”

My Private Practice Journey In this episode I am an open book about my personal journey into why I decided to go into private practice after 10 years of working for other agencies.  Even though I had a steady income, I knew I had to follow my dreams! (Here’s my referral code for SimplePractice.  You’ll get a freeContinue reading “My Private Practice Journey”