Therapists Discuss Sex Education Hello again, everyone!  Jen Reeves, LMFT-S, CST is back on the podcast giving us her expert opinion on the Netflix show “Sex Education”.  We discuss the characters from the show and talk about boundaries, teen development, and sex therapy in pop culture. SPOILERS AHEAD! Takeaways from the episode: Sex education should start at anContinue reading “Therapists Discuss Sex Education”

BECOMING AN EQUINE THERAPIST- feat. Janet Nicholas, LPC, LCDC Equine therapy is a treatment modality that can be used for a wide array of client populations and issues in counseling.  Equines are horses, and if I didn’t do an episode about equines, I wouldn’t be able to call myself a true Texan!  I am so excited to release this interview because I learnedContinue reading “BECOMING AN EQUINE THERAPIST- feat. Janet Nicholas, LPC, LCDC”

BECOMING A PLAY THERAPIST- feat. Kristin Trick, LPC, RPT “Play is the language of children and toys are their words.”-A Play Therapy Philosophy.   Working with children in therapy requires special skills.  Sometimes the best approaches with children are left to the experts who we call Registered Play Therapists.  This special certification/registration takes at least 300 extra supervised hours to attain post-licensure.  InContinue reading “BECOMING A PLAY THERAPIST- feat. Kristin Trick, LPC, RPT”

BECOMING A THERAPIST-HOW SUPERVISORS HELP US GROW feat. Tim Mendoza In this episode, we talk about how clinical supervisors are needed beyond graduate internships and licensure requirements!  Supervising at an agency can help clinicians be more well rounded and prepared for many client issues.  Supervision is also discussed in the previous episode with Dr. Kate Walker (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN). Tim Mendoza graduated with aContinue reading “BECOMING A THERAPIST-HOW SUPERVISORS HELP US GROW feat. Tim Mendoza”

BECOMING A SOCIAL WORKER- feat. Elisa D., LMSW Social Workers can thrive in many settings—hospitals, mental health clinics, schools, and much more!  Elisa and I discuss the versatility of social workers and talk about what it takes to become a clinical social worker. Elisa Dobler, LMSW is a therapist at the El Paso Child Guidance Center since October of 2015. Elisa hasContinue reading “BECOMING A SOCIAL WORKER- feat. Elisa D., LMSW”

BECOMING A SCHOOL COUNSELOR-featuring Vanessa De Jesus, LAC Counselors are liaisons who balance student emotions & academics.  They handle crises, teach counseling lessons in classrooms, provide psychoeducation to teachers, maintain positive working relationships with parents, and help kids with anything from bullying to grieving! Vanessa De Jesus Guzman is a licensed associate counselor and a national certified counselor with 15 years ofContinue reading “BECOMING A SCHOOL COUNSELOR-featuring Vanessa De Jesus, LAC”

Losing your marbles over misbehaved children? A Guide to Discipline Plans Rewards, punishment, and consequences can be hard to keep track of while parenting older kids.  Not anymore!  With this step-by-step audio guide, you can have a functioning “token economy” in as little as 30 minutes!  Token economies are like jobs with paychecks for adults except instead of jobs and money, we use chores, points,Continue reading “Losing your marbles over misbehaved children? A Guide to Discipline Plans”

Through the Eyes of a Therapist Podcast

If you are wondering about this podcasting thing I do…here is some information on it. I host, edit, mix, record, my own weekly mental health podcast.  I’ve been doing this since January 2018. I mostly speak to other professionals and friends about their own mental well-being and emotional struggles (mental health histories). They are also givenContinue reading “Through the Eyes of a Therapist Podcast”

My Fellow Therapists…

I hope this note finds you well.  I have a few things to say to all you counselors (mental health professionals, licensed clinical social workers, therapists, and anyone who sees clients for therapeutic services on a day to day basis). The world needs you.  Yes, you.  Don’t give up.  You are a special person, withContinue reading “My Fellow Therapists…”